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Administrative Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions about the Administrative Fellowship Program

How many fellows does UCSF Medical Center take on each year?
We take up to four fellows each year.
What is the length of the Administrative Fellowship?
The Fellowship contract is for up to two years, meaning Fellows are free to apply for a position at UCSF or another institution during the Fellowship.
Can the Administrative Fellowship substitute as the Administrative Residency requirement for my university’s degree program?
Yes. We will consider students whose university program requires the completion of a practicum/fellowship program prior to graduation.
What are Administrative Fellows compensated?
Administrative Fellows receive competitive compensation, regionally-adjusted for cost of living.
Can UCSF sponsor international visas?
Unfortunately, UCSF cannot sponsor international visas. Candidates who require an international visa are still welcome to go through the interview process, however if selected s/he will have to obtain the required visa independently.
What are some of the projects past fellows worked on?
Past fellows have worked on the following projects: development of a formal spine radiosurgery program at UCSF; service excellence initiatives; outpatient clinic process improvement; and demographic, service line and payor data analysis for strategic plan.
What type of exposure do fellows get to UCSF Health’s leadership team?
The UCSF Health leadership team serves as the mentors for our fellows. In addition, fellows attend and participate in standing and ad hoc senior management meetings throughout the program, have ongoing dialogues with the various leaders and build relationships that will become part of the professional network they will build throughout their career.
Will I be offered employment upon completion of the fellowship?
An objective of the program is to identify and develop visionary leaders for the future. The term of the fellowship is up to two years, and does not include a guarantee or a requirement of continued employment. Yet, the fellowship provides a unique opportunity for the fellow and UCSF Health leadership to consider future employment.
Can recent graduates apply?
Yes, we will consider applicants who would start the fellowship within one year of completing their graduate program.
Can non-recent graduates apply?
We will consider applications within one year of completing a graduate degree program.
What graduate degrees meet the fellowship application requirements?
Fellows have diverse backgrounds that may include, but not limited to MBA, MPH, MHA, MSN, RN, JD, PhD degrees.
How do I submit an application to the fellowship program?
Applications must be submitted through the NCAF website. More information about application due dates and submission requirements may be found here: http://nchl.org/static.asp?path=2851,6549.
May I be considered any time throughout the year as a fellowship candidate?
We comply with the application period that NCAF outlines. Applications are due in the beginning of October and final offers are made by the end of October. You must wait until another application cycle opens to apply.
Can I speak to a current fellow?
Please feel free to email any of the current fellows who would be able to schedule a time to speak over the phone. Additionally, they can connect you to former fellows if you would like to hear about their experience as well.
Does UCSF do on-site interviews?
Yes, we will request that candidates welcomed to the final round of interviews come to San Francisco for an in-person interview. Candidates will be housed for an evening, interviews will be conducted throughout the next day, and return home that evening. Expenses will be compensated by UCSF. Further information will be provided throughout the interview process.