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Our Staffing Process (FAQ)

Careers at UCSF Medical Center

Ready to start the application process but still have a few questions? Here are some answers:

When applying online, can I upload my resume from my computer?
Yes, the system will ask you if you wish to upload a resume. If you select that option, you will be prompted to find your resume file on your computer. You will then be prompted to upload your resume.
Can I email my resume as an attachment?
No, please don’t send your resume as an attachment. Our application system is fully Web-based. All applications are accepted through our web site.
I don’t have a computer, where can I apply online?
Computers are available during business hours for applicants in the Human Resources office located at: 3360 Geary Boulevard, Suite 301 (between Parker and Commonwealth). Our office hours are 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.
How will I know that my resume and application were submitted correctly?
At the conclusion of the application process, there will be a screen which will have a green check mark next to the statement “You have successfully submitted your job application”. You should also receive an email at your email address indicating that your online application has been successfully submitted. You can also log back into your profile and you will see on the home page “My Career Tools”. There is a link to your “Accepted/Unaccepted Applications” which will list the number of positions to which you successfully applied.
I am having difficulty applying online, whom can I contact?
Please first consult the Applicant Guide which is linked here. If you are still having difficulties, please feel free to contact the Human Resources department at 415-353-4688 or by email at jobs@ucsfmedctr.org.
After I’ve applied, when will I hear back from someone?
UCSF Medical Center receives a high volume of resumes and applications. If your skills and experience make you a competitive candidate for a position, it is highly likely that a recruiter or hiring manager will contact you.
How can I find the status of my resume?
You can log back into careers site and click on “My Career Tools”. Under Accepted/Unaccepted Applications you will see all the positions for which you have applied. Further status updates on your resume are not readily available due to the high volume of resumes received daily.
Where can I find information about benefits?
You can find out more information about our generous health and welfare benefits package on our Benefits Page.
If I have more questions about a job that I’ve applied for, whom should I contact?
Please feel free to contact the Human Resources department at 415-353-4688.
Where can I get information about the salary ranges for a particular position?
All the salary ranges for job codes at UCSF Medical Center are published online and can be found here.
How can I update my resume in the applicant database?
You have the ability to update your resume when you apply to a new position. If you’ve already applied to positions, the resume that you uploaded at that time cannot be updated.
Do I need to resubmit my resume if I’ve applied into the system already?
UCSF Medical Center has just launched a new applicant tracking system. If you applied to a position prior to December 13, 2010, we strongly encourage you to reapply into the new system.
I heard about a position that is open, but can’t find it in the system.
There are several possible reasons for this. The position may have already been filled, or it could have been cancelled. Also, UCSF has two different sites for posting positions. This website is for positions open at the Medical Center only. The Medical Center is comprised of the operations for the hospital and clinics. The UCSF Campus hosts another site for job postings that can be found at our career section.
How to reach us
If you still have other questions about our application process, our Human Resources staff is available to assist you during business hours. Visit our Human Resources office at 3360 Geary Blvd., Suite 301 in San Francisco. The office is open from 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday to Friday. Computer terminals and tutorials are available to guide you through the process. In addition, you may either contact them at (415) 353-4688, send an email to jobs@ucsfmedctr.org, or open this “Applicant Guide” PDF attachment for further application information.