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StethoscopeLearn more about the other benefits and rewards that we offer to our team of talented, knowledgeable and dedicated employees who continue our tradition of healthcare excellence.

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Because you believe in excellence in healthcare and providing a commitment to those in need.

Discover the philosophies that make UCSF Medical Center the employer of choice

What makes our medical center the best choice for growing your career? Our tradition of excellence as the best provider of health care, and the fact that it is the best environment for teaching and research — together, they make UCSF Medical Center the best place to work.

They all are rooted in our vision and in what we value most as a health care organization. We are proud of our long-standing association with University of California, San Francisco, a leading university dedicated to the promotion of health through biomedical research, and excellence in patient care. With all of those factors forming our strong foundation, we continue to be an exceptional place to practice your chosen profession, be it in patient care, strategic planning, accounting or food service.


Reap many rewards for enriching us with your skills and talent

When you are part of our knowledgeable and dedicated team that continues a long-standing tradition of healthcare excellence, we believe in showing our gratitude by offering salary ranges and employee benefits packages that are acknowledged as one of the nation's best. Plus, the opportunities for career advancement abound, something UCSF Medical Center firmly stands behind, for without it, there would be no way to continue our strides in medical innovation and renowned patient care. Together, they are a natural complement to the lifestyle you will encounter, and soon embrace, in San Francisco. A way of life that is surrounded by a variety of cultures, an eco-conscious environment, a vibe that encourages personal, spiritual and even career growth. Simply put, there is no other place that can offer these unique perks – and your skills, talent and sense of adventure are ready to be rewarded by UCSF Medical Center and The City by the Bay.